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Dan Albas HOC

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be testifying in front of the House of Commons finance committee.

The Prime Minister will be discussing his role in the controversy surrounding the WE Charity and the decision to hand them the sole-sourced contract for a $912 Million student grant program.

WE backed out of the deal after the close family ties to the charity of both Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau came to light.

MP Dan Albas joined Q101 ahead of the testimony to back the Conservative calls for Trudeau to resign.

“I believe that as Canadians we all agree that whoever is elected in Government must protect the public trust. That’s making sure that they are following all of our conflict of interest acts to make sure we as a country are democratic, rule of law and wherever possible we tackle corruption or waste with all we can,” began Albas.

“When we think back to the SNC scandal, and the findings by the Ethics Commissioner that the Prime Minister had once again come afoul of our conflict of interest act. We called for the Prime Minister to step aside, which he did not, so its no surprise that we’d be calling for him,” added Albas.

Albas continued to mention how the attention on the controversy is hurting Canadians.

“By eating up so much time and energy in Ottawa on this, it’s taking away from the Government’s ability to concentrate firmly on the pandemic. So, this is regrettable on an ethics front, its also regrettable in a public interest front,” said Albas.

Along with Trudeau, the Tories are also calling for Minister Morneau to resign.

“We need to know that when someone is given such power under our system that they follow all the ethical rules and standards. This was the finance minister who forgot he had a villa in France, the same finance minister who had shares in a private company and drawing money from it indirectly when that’s clearly not in the spirit of the act,” said Albas. “It seems that the way that this government reacts to ethics starts at the top and works it’s way down and that’s not good.”

“Just as a Canadian, not as an MP, not as a partisan actor, I want to know whoever is in power is following our rules, our norms, and our expectations to be a rule of law country,” concluded Albas.


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