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The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) and 9 Community Futures Offices across the Region have for the first time signed a formal agreement to strike a task force committing to develop an active and meaningful relationship on the path to rebuilding a resilient tourism industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The negative impact of the pandemic on the Tourism Industry has been unprecedented, “ cited Glenn Mandziuk, President and CEO of TOTA. “Building the industry back requires strong and collaborative partnerships that can provide foundational support and out of the box thinking."

TOTA and Community Futures’ efforts and strategies will be focused on tourism growth, development, sustainability, and long-term resiliency. Ongoing exchange and discussion will facilitate further advancement of best practices relating to the development of sustainable communities and destinations. Specific joint strategies will target identification and support of business funding opportunities as well as advancing knowledge on the visitor experience, training, employment, and innovation.

Locally, Community Futures Nicola Valley will be taking part in the task force. Mae Ketter spoke to the importance of the agreement for the local area.

“We are presently working to increase collaboration between TOTA and Community Futures. We will work together to identify and implement projects that will assist tourism businesses. Increasing collaboration, discussing best practices, and lobbying for resources to grow the tourism sector is a win-win. CF Nicola Valley feels that working with each CF office in the region, as well as TOTA who is the Regional Tourism Association will help grow the tourism sector. This increased exposure would support economic development for all businesses including tourism,” said Ketter.


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