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Merritt Flourish Under the Sun

“There’s found money here,” said Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith.

Recently, Merritt City Council unsurprisingly voted to approve changes to the City’s Fees and Charges Bylaw after staff found out the City had been shorting itself.

“We’re shorting our self probably between 25- and 35-thousand dollars a year by not implementing a fees and charges schedule to have these municipal fees come directly back to the City,” added Smith.

Historically, municipal staff working at the RCMP Detachment provide a wide variety of services, ranging from fingerprinting to conducting police information checks and transcription. The majority of fees collected for RCMP administrative services have been remitted to the Receiver General for Canada resulting in the lost revenue.

Smith credited City staff working at the Detachment as well as the new RCMP commander for identifying the problem.


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