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The City of Merritt is in the midst of a massive overhaul of the zoning bylaw. Last week, the newly formed document was presented to the City Council for debate on first and second reading.

If passed, city staff would then schedule a public hearing, however, the Council felt more consultation was needed before the public hearing.  

“I think this document is immensely important. I would like (the public) to have the opportunity to look at this document and question it,” said Coun. Kurt Christopherson.

The statement from Christopherson was backed by the rest of the table with Council passing a resolution to hold two open house style sessions before the document heads to a public hearing.

Those wishing to have their voices heard can also provide input and ask questions through email with staff.

The dates of the open houses have not been set.

For additional information on the zoning bylaw visit and click on the agenda for Tuesday, June 30, 2020. The zoning bylaw information runs from page 16 – 226.


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