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This week a motion from Travis Fehr came forward for debate regarding an investigation into the creation of a symbol of diversity and inclusion for the City of Merritt.

“This motion was born of pride month, which I believe was the past month of June, and everything that is going on with race relations globally,” said Fehr. “It seems like the timing is perfect for this type of discussion and hopefully we’ll see some positive results.”

“Something that shows and illustrates the willingness of Merritt to be inclusive and celebrate diversity. That could be something like a visual symbol and possibly accompanied by a statement and that could be made public in a variety of ways from letterhead to murals to crosswalks,” added Fehr.

Coun. Mike Bhangu also suggested the idea of promoting more holidays celebrated by the different cultures in Merritt.

“I like the idea, but I don’t want it to dominate or replace the symbols that we have that represent Merritt,” said Bhangu.

Council voted unanimously to have staff prepare a report which will be presented to Council and the public at an upcoming meeting.


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