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Yesterday Dr. Bonnie Henry presented the latest modelling of the COVID-19 virus in British Columbia.

The case totals for the Interior have been broken down, showing that the Okanagan health delivery area has had 98 total cases, with just one occurring in the past two weeks. Dr. Henry did state that a further breakdown of cases will be released in the coming weeks.

"We have seen the incredible work of our province-wide public health teams in action, which is allowing us to quickly identify and contain new clusters and outbreaks.

"We have learned we need to stay on our path. The measures we have in place are working and so is the gradual easing of some restrictions. The modelling also shows that to keep our curve flat, we must continue to maintain our slow, thoughtful pace.

Dr. Henry spoke to allowing people to return to about 50 per cent of their pre-COVID social circles while keeping transmission rates low. If people were to increase to 70-80 per cent, health officials believe there would be a spike in positive cases.

Dr. Henry also outlined were the cases in each region originated. Here in the Interior, the strains of COVID present can be traced back to Washington State, Eastern Canada, and Europe for the most part.

"Moving forward, our approach is to 'minimize, manage and modify': minimize the number of new cases, manage cases and clusters with rapid contact tracing, and modify our measures as needed.

"That means assessing your risks with every step and following the rules for safe physical distancing is key. These include always staying home when ill, keeping your number of contacts small, and not having large gatherings where the risk for spreading COVID-19 is so much higher.


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