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Nicola Lake Dam 3

With Nicola Lake above full pool and with inflows to Nicola Lake still exceeding outflows, the province has given the City of Merritt notice that another gate change is in the process of being made at the Nicola Lake Dam, to release an additional 3 cubic metres per second. 

Merritt residents should expect river levels to rise 3-4 inches between the hours of 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM today. 

“The City has conducted a review and taken measurements of current river levels and it is not anticipated that any residents will experience overland flooding with this change,” wrote Sean Smith.

The plan is to make this final increase, which should slow the rate of rise in Nicola Lake to a point where inflows to the lake will match outflows over the next few days.  Once that happens, river levels can gradually be eased back. 

“However, we caution residents that with rain in the forecast for the next 24 hours and the possibility for inflows to remain high, further increases from the dam and flooding remain a genuine possibility.  We encourage concerned residents to make any necessary preparations to protect their property,” added Smith.

Pre-filled sandbags are available at the Civic Centre parking lot for anyone that needs them.

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