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Mamit Lake Dam

The City has received notice from the provincial dam operator that a gate change has just been made, to allow an additional 3 cubic metres per second out of the Nicola Lake Dam. It is anticipated that between 7 pm and 11 pm yesterday (May 20), Nicola River levels will rise approximately 3 inches as a result of this change. It is likely, but not confirmed, that a similar change will be made today (May 21).

After a thorough review of our river system at current levels, as well as discussions with residents in the lowest-lying areas, the dam operator, making successive small increases is preferred to making one larger increase. This allows more water to pass, reducing future flood risk while allowing us to better assess and evaluate the effects of the current change before considering further increases.\

It is not expected that yesterday or today’s increase will result in overland flooding for residents.


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