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Yesterday, Q101 reported that the Merritt RCMP was operating with 24-hour coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q101 has now learned that 24-hour police coverage is set to continue indefinitely, even after the COVID-19 pandemic concludes.

Merritt RCMP Sgt. Josh Roda joined Q101 to discuss the operational changes being made at the detachment to allow for the permanent switch.

“What we’ve gone to in Merritt is a ‘four watch system’, it’s very similar to what they run in large centres,” said Roda.

To accompany the change the detachment has been forced to collapse some of it’s plain-clothes and first nations unit to staff it.

“We will continue with 24-hour policing, we’re still short-staffed in Merritt, when those positions are filled, we’ll be able to continue this rotation,” added Roda.

The Sargent is confident that the positions will be filled in the coming months.

“Worst case scenario if they aren’t, there’s other scheduling that we can do to provide 24-hour policing,” said Roda.

The detachment was planning to a switch to 24-policing prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.


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