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This week, Council approved $45,749.29 in Grand and Aid for local groups.

The hard work for the council was done the week before when they cut down over $70,000 in requests to under their $50,000 cap.

Council also approved the creation of a $15,000 sponsorship fund. Sponsorships were removed from the Grant and Aid process this year following a Council review of the policy.

Some of the grants approved include;

  • Use of the parking lot for the Nicola Valley Farmers Market
  • Roof replacement at the Curling club
  • Pipe replacement on the golf course
  • Use of the Civic Centre for various groups

For a full list of grant and aid recipients visit - and click on the Agenda for Tuesday, February 11.

Council still has a decision to make with the remaining funds, Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith spoke to moving them to Council Contingency in case any requests come in later this year.


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