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February is anti-bullying month and not just here in Merritt and the Nicola Valley about across the Country.

With that in mind, Community Policing Coordinator Marlene Jones stopped by Q101 to discuss all forms of bullying.

“It can happen anywhere, it can happen at school, involving our youth, but it can also happen in our workplaces and even our homes. We just have to be really conscious about how we’re interacting with and treating other people,” said Jones.

Jones also discussed cyber-bullying and some potential tips for parents.

“We encourage learning more about them (social media applications), and their associated concerns and having those informed conversations,” said Jones.

Jones also highlighted an article on the various social media application and their potential risks for youth. That article can be found on the community policing website.

Anti-bullying month culminates with pink shirt day on February 26.

For more information visit the Community Policing Office, located in Spirit Square.


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