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Two weeks ago, Bayshore Minerals made a presentation to City Council regarding their mine site between Merritt and Kelowna along the Connector.

The small mining company is hoping to begin extracting the product from their site East of Merritt sometime in late 2020.

The claim was originally mined back in the 1980s and ‘90s, with close to 50,000 oz of gold being extracted.

During the presentation, COO Grant Carlson asked for a letter of support.

One of the possible issues raised during the meeting was the impact of more trucks passing through town.

Bayshore is proposing to truck their material to the old Craigmont mine site, resulting in approximately six trucks a day passing through town.

“Our roads can handle it, is what we’ve heard,” said Mayor Linda Brown.

Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith reiterated that staff is not concerned about the trucks.

The letter of support will be debated on Tuesday.


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