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Fire Prevention Winner

(Contest winner Nikhil Vinoj pictured with his family, Vinoj Kumaiz, Saritha Kumari and Naditha Saritha, along with the Merritt Fire Crew)

Every weekend Q101 will revisit the most talked-about stories of the week in Merritt and bring them to you all in one place. As well as my favourite story of the week.

This week Merritt was buzzing about a new amphitheatre at NVIT, a local student winning big, and some early budget discussions at City Hall.

My favourite article of the week was a sit down with Merritt Centennial defenceman Brophy Dunne.

Amphitheatre Under Construction at NVIT

NVIT is in the process of constructing a new outdoor amphitheatre at its Merritt Campus.

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Local Student Wins Regional Fire Prevention Week Contest

Local Bench Elementary School student Nikhil Vinoj was declared the regional winner, and yesterday the Fire Department came to his school with a few special prizes.

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Early Taxation Discussions at City Hall

During last night’s budget meeting the topic of taxation was brought up in preliminary discussions.

Director of Finance Sheila Thiessen presented Council with three different scenarios for municipal taxation.

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Five Good Minutes with Brophy Dunne

If you look at the stats sheet Brophy still has a 0 in the goal’s column, but you don’t have to tell him that…his parents have it covered.

“I’m waiting for it. I’ve talked with my parents and they’re making fun of me for not scoring,” joked Brophy.

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