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City Hall has released its 2019 development stats which show the number of building permits Merritt issued, their value, and the amount of fees collected over the year. The permits are also further broken down into residential, commercial, industrial and other.

Overall the City of Merritt issued 143 permits, worth just shy of $13 million, collecting $81,219 in fees. The numbers are a decrease from 2018 when the City issued 200 permits worth $16.7 million and collected $95,035 in fees.

While the 2019 numbers were a decrease from the year before the still constitute the fourth-highest year in total construction value of the past decade.

The bulk of construction this year took place in the residential realm which saw 64 permits issued, for things ranging from additions to renovations and 13 single-family dwellings or secondary suites.

There was no new commercial constriction for the fourth straight year.

One of the lone categories to see a year over year increase from 2018 was Industrial, thanks to one new construction, worth $2 million.

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