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NVIT Amphitheatre

NVIT is in the process of constructing a new outdoor amphitheatre at its Merritt Campus.

President of NVIT Ken Tourand joined Q101 to discuss the build.

“It’s about a 180-seat amphitheatre that was approved by the NVIT Board of Governors last year,” said Tourand. “It’s somewhere in the neighbourhood of $600,000, it’s being self-funded by NVIT. We anticipate it will be completed by April 30, and ready for the Spring.”

Once completed the amphitheatre will be a multi-use space for students and faculty to enjoy.

“Anything that has to do with outdoor, we could actually hold classes in there. We can also hold performances and that type of thing in there,” said Tourand. “It’s also just a place for students to hang out in between classes. I think it’s going to be a great addition to the campus.”

Tourand also mentioned how they’re adding in a pit-cook built into the ground and a fire pit.


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