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During this week’s budget meeting, Coun. Travis Fehr raised a question after noticing a major decrease is operational expenditures in Economic Development.

“Just looking at expenditures, it goes down 58 per cent. Just wondering what that is?” Questioned Fehr.

Director of Finance Shelia Thiessen informed the Councillor that the decrease was related not having access to the Rural Dividend Grant.

In 2019, the City budgeted $216,400, this year that number has fallen to $91,400 due to the lack of the Grant.

“The Province did open some additional funding up to replace the rural dividend,” said Will George. “It’s $50,000 that we can tap into.”

The $50,000 in possible grant funding is from the provincial government in response to the ongoing forestry crisis. However, it only makes up half of the usual funds the City received through the Rural Dividend Grant in years past.
George believes the lack of funding shouldn’t affect current operations.


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