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The flu season in Canada runs from around November through the spring. Typically, different strains hit at different times, but as Dr. Karin Goodison tells Q101 that hasn’t been the case this year.

“There year has been unique in that we are seeing three forms of influenza co-circulating. Typically, we see influenza A early in the season and B comes later in the spring. This year we’re seeing two types of influenza A along with influenza B all occurring simultaneously,” said Goodison.

The trio of strains generally affect different age groups, but together have essentially covered the field.

“We do see a greater impact on those under the age of 20, and really in the Interior, we’ve seen an impact on those under five and 10, for influenza B,” said Goodison. “Then influenza A (H3N3) affects our older population more, those greater than 65. Then we have a little H1N1 floating around that’s impacting those people of working age.”

“We’re seeing a mixed group of viruses hitting our young and old, but actually impacting everyone this year,” said Goodison.

Overall here in the Interior, the doctor believes we’ve just about reached the peak of flu season.


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