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Dan Albas HOC

Members of Parliament are set to return to Ottawa on Monday for the first sitting of the House of Commons in 2020.

While the Liberals have recently spoken to bringing forward legislation relating to gun control and the new NAFTA deal, local MP Dan Albas recently commented on legislation surrounding medically assisted dying.

“I also voiced some concerns with the proposed legislation, and several challenges have arisen in the legalization framework,’ wrote Albas. “One of those challenges comes from the fact that in order to comply with the terms of the legislation, one must be considered to be “at the end of life” with the “reasonable foresee-ability of natural death” imminent.”

“This can mean that someone who may otherwise meet the criteria and wish to access medical assistance in dying may have to suffer for a period of time until the end of life can be diagnosed as 'imminent'. In effect, this counters the original intent of the bill to medically assist individuals to end suffering from serious health challenges,” added Albas.

A recent ruling from the Quebec Superior Court found that part of the bill unconstitutional.

That has led to a review of the legislation by the Federal Government.

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