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Dan Albas HOC

Local MP Dan Albas has been appointed to the newly formed all-party Canada-China Relations Committee.

MP Albas is one of four Conservative Caucus representatives on the committee. 

“This is a challenging time for Canada-China relations and this committee will allow Parliamentarians from all parties to examine the situation and make concrete recommendations to the government,” said MP Albas. “We need a different approach to this relationship, and I am excited to get to work.”

The relationship between the two countries was strained after the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou and the subsequent arrest of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig in China.

“You look at the other elements of the relationship with China, look at trade. Right now, we have over a billion dollars of losses to Canadian farmers, particularly in canola. You have the case where the government still hasn’t come around to what it’s going to do regarding Huawei and whether it should participate in the 5G buildout,” said Albas. “Those human rights issues that have appeared in the last months and weeks, the government has been relatively quiet on those things.”

The committee met for the first time on Monday, with the Conservative members requesting that the Ambassador to China be present, that request was approved by the committee.

“The first person we need to speak to is Ambassador Barton, he really is the point person in China on the Canada-China relationship. It’s important to find out his perspective,” said Albas.

“It’s my hope to be working with other Conservative MPs, but really to work with all parliamentarians from all parties on this committee to point to a better framework because this Government has had a lack of judgment on this file,” concluded Albas.


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