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As the local school district approaches its 2021 budget deliberations, slated to begin in April, the funding model remains a question mark.

The Province has been working towards a new funding model for schools across BC, the new model has not been finalized and SD 58 Treasurer Barbara Ross is yet to see it.

“We’ll be receiving our funding for 2021 by mid-March, possibly under the new funding formula,” said Ross. “So, our job between now and then is to know exactly where our money is going and exactly where we want our money to go.”

A public budget presentation will be made to interested stakeholders in the MerrittBoard office, on April 2. Representatives from school PACs, DPAC, teacher and support staff Unions, Principals, and members of the public are invited to attend this meeting to review provincial funding, District projections for enrollment and funding, as well as provide more specific information regarding the District’s annual budget.

Ross also mentioned a recent funding announcement for the current school year.

“The Ministry made funding announcements in December. No surprises there except we’re getting $25,000 more than expected. It’s subject to February and May counts,” added Ross.


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