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Every weekend Q101 will revisit the most talked-about stories of the week in Merritt and bring them to you all in one place. As well as my favourite story of the week.

This week Merritt was buzzing about Teck Resources venturing into the solar energy game, the cold weather shelter dealing with the extreme cold, and BC defeated by the Supreme Court.

Teck Resources Purchases SunMine

The resource giant, which has projects and operations in Canada, the States, Chile, and Peru, has now purchased SunMine from the City of Kimberly.

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Shelter Prepared for Extreme Cold

As the mercury dips into the negative twenties across the Nicola Valley, the cold weather shelter is prepared for those in need.

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Supreme Court Rejects BC’s Trans Mountain Appeal

The Supreme Court of Canada has rejected an appeal from the BC Government to regulate what can flow through the Trans Mountain pipeline.

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