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With youth vaping rates still on the rise, the local school district has been debating what rules and procedures should be in place for students.

Currently, the province doesn’t have any over-arching procedures for schools and school districts to follow, but SD58 Assistant Superintendent Jameel Aziz has been working to change that.

“I hope to have something that I’ll be calling recommended procedures for you at the next meeting in February, giving us a place to start,” said Aziz.

Some of the main questions being investigated are, the age to begin the education phase, a standardized place to access resources for parents and students, and what to do about off property vaping.

Aziz also mentioned that SD23 is now confiscating vaping devices that are seen on school property and then hand them over to the RCMP.

Currently, schools across this district and much of the province are simply falling back onto their codes of conduct to regulate the vaping issue.


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