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Displaced forestry workers can access direct, hands-on supports at job placement co-ordination offices now open in five Interior communities.

Despite Merritt’s struggling forestry sector which has seen the 2016 closure of Tolko and the 2019 shift curtailments at Aspen Planers, Merrittonians who find themselves out of work will need to travel.

These dedicated offices are in 100 Mile House, Fort St. James, Fort St. John, Mackenzie, and Clearwater.

Each office employs a co-ordination officer who is a displaced forestry worker. These co-ordinators understand what clients are experiencing and are trained to assist others in finding new jobs or training opportunities.

Eligible forestry workers will have their needs and goals assessed, before being connected to government programs or services that match them with other jobs, supports or training. This can include education upgrades, special designations, credentials or certifications ranging from trade tickets to driver's licence classifications.

Part of the assessment will look at other factors, such as a worker's willingness to move to where similar job vacancies are available, or hobbies and skills such as carpentry or cooking, wherewith additional help, the worker can participate in different sectors and trades facing labour shortages.

The job placement co-ordination offices have received nearly 100 job-match forms. Outreach to workers is underway.

For office locations or to apply to the job matching program online, visit:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On Twitter: @Q101Merritt

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