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Teck Resources is venturing into the solar game.

The resource giant, which has projects and operations in Canada, the States, Chile, and Peru, has now purchased SunMine from the City of Kimberly.

Teck, who also owns and operates Highland Valley Copper, paid $2 million for the solar electricity generating facility located on their own Sullivan Mine land.

The City of Kimberly opened the 1.05-megawatt facility back in 2015, but with profits not meeting expectations, residents voted to sell during a 2018 referendum.

“Our involvement with SunMine is part of our commitment to taking action on climate change, advancing renewable energy development, and supporting the global transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Don Lindsay, President, and CEO. “SunMine will help us gain firsthand experience with solar power generation as we advance the use of solar power at other operations.”

Since 2011, Teck has implemented projects and initiatives to reduce GHG emissions at its operations by 289,000 tonnes – the equivalent to taking over 88,000 combustion engine cars off the road – and 81% of Teck’s total electricity consumption is from renewable energy sources.


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