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After failing to receive grant funding through the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund (CEPF) in 2019, the City of Merritt is set to apply again.

Last night, City Council approved a motion to support the City’s application for $150,000 in grant funding.

The motion that passed unanimously also stated ‘Council directs staff to handle the application and provide overall grant management if the application is successful.’

The City, with Council’s approval, would apply for the CEPF for $150,000 for flood mapping, and if successful, those funds would be leveraged through the work of the Fraser Basin and Committee to provide detailed flood hazard maps that are required to make informed decisions about public safety, development, bylaw implementation, and mitigation planning.

The regional approach to this project will result in more seamless regional flood mapping and will address impacts both upstream (Nicola Lake Dam) and downstream.

None of the Councillors or Mayor Linda Brown commented on the motion before it passed.


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