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Bayshore Minerals only owns one mineral claim. The small mining company is hoping to begin extracting product from their site East of Merritt sometime in late 2020.

The claim was originally mined back in the 1980s and ‘90s, with close to 50,000 oz of gold being extracted.

“We overlap the Connector Highway about half-way between here and Kelowna. The mineral claim itself is quite large, about 16,000 hectares,” said Bayshore COO Grant Carlson.

“We’re proposing to develop a 70,000 tonne per year open pit mine, that’s about 200 tonnes per day,” added Carlson.

The product would then be trucked from their location to the old Craigmont Mine, west of town. That would result in about six trucks per day passing through Merritt.

For comparison, Highland Valley extracts 130,000 tonnes per day, nearly two full years of operation for the proposed Bayshore project.

Carlson also mentioned how the mine will be bringing some jobs to the Nicola Valley once operational.

Council will be debating a letter of support for the mine at the next meeting.


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