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The Province is continuing to try and provide more opportunities for residents to enter the health care industry.

In late 2019, the NDP announced new health care seats at 14 post-secondary institutes across the province, including the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. In total, the province added 418 new seats for health care assistants.

Now the province is hoping to tackle a forecasted shortage of nurses.

The provincial government is more than doubling the number of specialty nurse training opportunities in the province by funding 1,000 seats each year at the British Columbia School of Technology (BCIT).

This increase will help meet the growing demand for care throughout British Columbia. Specialty nurses work in high-skill areas ranging from emergency settings to intensive care units for high-risk cardiac care patients, to delivering babies and providing newborn care, to working with complex patients with multiple health challenges.

“Addressing the provinces’ nurse shortage is a complex challenge and will require attention not only in the way of recruitment and retention strategies, but also in education opportunities, so I am pleased to see our health minister continue to make such a significant investment into the future,” says BCNU President Christine Sorensen. “Specialty nurses provide acute care in many different forms, and their expertise is greatly needed as we see increased patient acuity and complex population needs.”

It's believed the province will need almost 20,000 new nurses in the next decade to keep up with demand.


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