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Merritt is currently getting blasted by some arctic air dipping the mercury into the minus twenties.

Temperatures have been steady at -20, without the windchill, throughout the morning.

Looking back through the years on Environment Canada’s website, the coldest January 13th on record in Merritt was 1950, when temperatures hit -35 Celsius.

That 1950 cold snap was only just beginning as the coldest January 14 and 15 are also from 70 years ago, registering at -38.9 and -37.8 respectively.

So, while the temperatures will remain bitterly cold for the next few days, we won’t be setting any records.

Environment Canada is forecasting things to warm up to the minus-single-digits on Thursday.

For comparison, the warmest Jan. 13 on record was in 1994 with Merritt hitting +12.0 C.


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