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Update -

MP Dan Albas had responded to Scheer stepping down with the following statement;

When Andrew Scheer was elected as the Conservative Party leader, I did not expect a call to be asked to join Mr. Scheer’s shadow cabinet. However, one of Andrew’s first acts as the new leader was to reach out across the caucus and put together a unified Opposition team.
I want to thank Andrew Scheer for his service as both Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. It has been a pleasure to work beside him in Shadow Cabinet in the last parliament and in this one. 
As a father of four, I also would like to acknowledge and thank Jill Scheer and their five great kids for allowing us to share their husband and father. 
I wish him well and look forward to continuing to hold the Liberal Government to account together in this 43rd Parliament.

Q101 has reached out to Albas for further comment.


The leader of the official opposition Andrew Scheer is officially stepping down as Conservative Party Leader.

Scheer led the Tories to an election defeat back in October, however, he did improve their position in the minority government by securing more seats.

Scheer has said he will stay on until the new leader is selected and will continue to represent the riding of Regina-Qu’Appelle.

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