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While the holiday season has the ability to bring happiness and joy to many, it can also be an incredibly hard time on those battling mental illnesses.

Amy Baskin, Community Educator with the Canadian Mental Health Association, joined Q101 to discuss why this time of year can be so hard.

“I think one of our challenges is that expectations are never our friends. When we have an expectation of how things should look, or how we should be or how it’s all going to roll out, then that can be really challenging for our mental health,” said Baskin. “There are all these shoulds and musts that just don’t really speak to what we really need.”

Baskin also spoke to some of the warning signs that family and friends can watch out for in their loved ones.

“We want to think about what the baseline is. Our friends and families know us best, and they’re going to see those changes,” added Baskin. “Maybe they’re short to temper. Sometimes we forget that anger is a sign of depression or anxiety or other mental health things. If someone isn’t themselves, we want to check-in.”

Baskin suggested a few resources for those suffering from mental illness and their loved ones;

Crisis line – 1-888-353-2273

Baskin also mentioned how locally the mental health team in Merritt works out of the hospital.


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