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During last night’s committee of the whole meeting, the idea of a disc golf course was brought up.

The price-tag associated with the possible project was $39,500, however, the City has received $20,000 in grant funding to offset the price.

Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith discussed the various hurdles still ahead for the project.

“Council is going to see a report requesting authority to move forward with the crown land tenure application,” said Smith. “It’s about a 160-acre parcel up above Mountain Drive.”

“We have had the opportunity to meet with provincial representatives from the crown land tenure branch about this possibility and they do seem eager to have the City obtain these lands,” added Smith.

Smith mentioned how generally a City would pay market value for the land. However, there is a program the City is hoping to apply to in which the land is given for free if used for public use.

The parcel of land, if acquired, would not only be home to a possible disc golf course but other walking trails and general green space.

Mayor Linda Brown also brought up the need for consultation with the local bands as the property is within their traditional lands.

No capital projects for 2020 have been approved yet by Council as they still need to debate them and figure out if they fit in the budget.


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