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Budget deliberations at City Hall are set to hit high-gear tonight as department heads will be presenting their capital wish-list to Council.

“It’s a big number, it’s a $10 million ask. This is something we need to build a strategy around, prioritize and figure out what that looks like over the next five years,” said CAO Scott Hildebrand. “From the management team, we feel these are some of the big items we need from the infrastructure standpoint.”

The task ahead of Council will be how to fit the necessary work into the budget.

Director of Finance Sheila Thiessen presented the 2019 capital numbers, showcasing the work completed this year.

“Overall, we budgeted for $8,145,502 in capital projects. We completed over half of the budgeted projects and managed to do so spending only $3.4 million, we realized some savings,” said Thiessen.

Tonight's meeting begins at 5 pm at City Hall.


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