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Bus Camera

On November 29, Q101 reported that all school buses in SD58 were equipped with cameras to record vehicles passing them with their stop sign deployed.

Since the installation of the cameras this fall, the district has already passed along footage of four vehicles to the RCMP. The District is reporting that all four drivers have since received fines.

Superintendent Steve McNiven joined Q101 to discuss the cameras.

“They’ve been quite effective. Each bus has five cameras that help us enforce those traffic laws that are so important for our students’ safety,” said McNiven. “At the end of the day, it’s a strong message that our students’ safety is important. Especially during winter, winter conditions require us to slow down and pay attention.”

Part of the camera system also monitors the interior of the bus and allows the district to follow-up on any student-related issues during their trip to and from school.

Fines for passing a school bus with the stop sign deployed start at $368 and increase for every future infraction.


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