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City Staff and the Council focused on the City’s asset management earlier this week during a committee of the whole.

Director of Finance Sheila Thiessen’s presentation to Council included a brief snapshot of the current infrastructure.

Asset Managment


While the sticker-shock of a quarter-billion dollars is immense, it illustrated the need for proper asset management and a plan on how and more importantly when to tackle each item.

“I think moving forward for the foreseeable future we need to spend our time, energy, and money on the core things, like water, sewer, and roads. That will be the focus of the management team right now,” said CAO Scott Hildebrand.

The idea of a balancing act was brought up throughout the evening. One example provided was to do with the aging roads, and not wanting to repave a road just to dig it up to replace the water line three years later, creating a bigger project with a bigger price-tag and more planning.

Capital infrastructure projects will be on centre stage next Tuesday (Dec. 10) during a committee of the whole at City Hall.


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