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Rodeo 2019

Recently, the Rodeo Association made a presentation to City Hall about the possibility of securing some funding for the upcoming year.

Jacqueline Whitecross presented on behalf of the rodeo association speaking to some of the needs of the grounds.

When asked by Mayor Linda Brown what the number one item on the wish list was, Whitecross responded with updating the VIP and announcers stand.

The VIP area upgrade is estimated to cost upwards of $70,000.

Another item was security.

“A cost-effective security system. We had a couple of break-ins. We need the system to be able to feel that everything is secure,” said Whitecross.

Whitecross also hit on lighting upgrades so the grounds could be used at night, improved watering system (water truck or tank), and adding to the arena.

“These are just a few of what we feel are important items to take care of in the not too distant future. We feel these are necessary to continue improving and getting more people out to the events,” concluded Whitecross.

The possibility of granting money to the rodeo association will be debated at an upcoming Council meeting.


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