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City hall

A motion to explore hiring an event coordinator at the City was approved through a 5-2 vote at a Committee of the Whole in November. That motion needed to return to the council table during a regular meeting for full adoption.

It was mentioned that they would focus on projects like the Mayor’s Gala, and airport celebration, which recently was approved to become an annual event.

It was noted that the position would only be filled if the City could secure a grant to completely fund the new role.

However, Coun. Tony Luck feels it could be a slippery slope.

“I know it’s for grant funding, but sometimes these get a life of their own,” began Luck. “I know we’re just going to explore it; I just don’t feel comfortable supporting it at this time.”

Luck also questioned what would happen if the grant funding ran out after one year of having the position staffed and whether the City would be on the hook for the funding to keep it running.

The thought around the table was generally positive towards investigating the possibility and should grant funding become available the motion will return to the chambers.


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