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Instead of waiting for some 11-years to be accepted to the Recycle BC Program, the Lower Nicola Indian Band is partnering with the City of Merritt.

Recycle BC is a non-profit that was created back in 2014, and currently, Merritt utilizes its service.

“It’s been an on-going process for about four or five months,” began Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith. “Recycle BC was very much in favour of Lower Nicola joining the City’s stream.”

Lower Nicola already collects recyclables from its community but now Recycle BC will take over the processing stage.

Through the program, the City does receive approximately $96,000 and with Lower Nicola joining the stream they would receive between 7-10% of those funds, while also covering the same percentage of costs.

Questions were raised about contaminated loads, which the City dealt with during the Summer and Smith confirmed any fines would be split between the communities.


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