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During this week’s Committee of the Whole, a recommendation was on the table from staff to investigate the possibility of bringing an event coordinator into the fold at City Hall.

It was mentioned that they would focus on projects like the Mayor’s Gala, and airport celebration, which recently received the first vote to become an annual event.

It was noted that the position would only be filled if the City could secure a grant to completely fund the new role.

“I feel applying for a grant to hire is a great idea. We can use an event coordinator to help with the few events we have and to plan future events. More importantly, if it’s not costing the City to hire a staff member, we should peruse the option,” said Coun. Mike Bhangu.

Citizen Ray Robinson spoke against the motion.

“I caution you, if you’re going down this road, let’s not lose the heart of the things we do. If this becomes a job for somebody the passion will not be there,” said Robinson.

The recommendation was passed through a split vote. Councillors Melvina White and Tony Luck opposed.

Due to the motion coming forward at a Committee of the Whole, it will need to return to the table during a regular council meeting.


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