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Murray United Church

(The Murray United Church as it looked this past year before a fire destroyed the 143-year-old building on Jan. 11 )

On January 11, 2019, the Murray Church was burnt to the ground in an alleged case of arson.

This week the fundraising effort to rebuild the church received a major boost from an anonymous donor. The fundraising team received a $50,000 donation, bringing their total raised to $105,000.

It was estimated that the cost of rebuilding the Murray Church would cost approximately $200,000, so they have officially passed the halfway mark.

Anybody looking to keep track of the fundraising progress will now be able to see board posted on the church grounds, which was also recently donated to the cause.

Due to the age of the Church, they couldn’t have insurance on the building, meaning the rebuild must be fully funded through donations.

The alleged arsonist’s court date has been set for June of 2020.


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