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Internal RCMP e-mails have surfaced outlining the financial hole the BC RCMP is currently in.

The agency is forecasting over a $10 million deficit and is moving to cut spending.

The funds being cut are from the budget that provides dollars to rural detachments. The smaller detachment funds normally help support 2,600 Mounties.

Due to its population Merritt shares the cost of the RCMP with the Province. The City pays 70 per cent with the Government picking up the remaining thirty.

Mayor Linda Brown spoke to still needing more information about the potential cuts.

“We don’t know at this point whether or not it will be affecting us,” said Brown. “We know we’ve added two police officers to the mix for the RCMP.”

Earlier this year City Council approved the funds for two additional Mounties

“My hope is that it doesn’t affect the number of staff, but I can’t guarantee that and we haven’t seen the budget yet this year,” added Brown.


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