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Earlier this week, Merritt City Council approved a recommendation to apply for $50,000 through the community wellness and harm reduction grant.

Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith outlined the idea.

“It would support various community wellness and harm reduction initiatives in the City,” said Smith. “Primarily, it would be looking at a needle reduction program and cleanup, setting up sharps containers. It would support having a cleaner downtown.”

For Coun. Mike Bhangu, he saw the grant as a first step to tackling the ongoing issue in the community.

“Hard drugs are taking a toll on this community. This grant is a move in the right direction but more must be done,” said Bhangu. “The hard drug problem and the crime related to it is on my radar and it’s also on the radar of every other elected official in this community and we will do something.”

“This is the first step, we organize, brainstorm and find out who in the community can help and how they can help,” added Bhangu.

The grant, if received, is 100 per cent grant funding. Meaning zero local dollars will be used to run the program.


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