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Baillie House

For a second consecutive quarter, the Baillie House is reporting record-breaking numbers.

“Busiest quarter that they have experienced to date. They’ve had 13,591 folks during the last quarter,” said Manager of Tourism Will George. “Continues to grow and they share that people who have historically stopped at exit 286 are now coming downtown and going to businesses.”

Through the first nine months of the year, a total of 26,472 visitors have stopped at the Baillie House. That’s 1,642 more than last year and 6,217 more than in 2017.

During the previous quarter, BC residents continued to make up the bulk of visitors at 53 per cent followed by Alberta at 19 per cent. As for international visitors, 11 per cent were from Europe and 6 per cent from the States.

Looking ahead George spoke to visitors coming to town for the Christmas festivities.


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