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As the holiday season quickly approaches the Merritt Community Policing Office (CPO) is warning residents to be mindful of potential scams.

CPO Coordinator Marlene Jones stopped by Q101 to discuss scammers looking to prey on people being too busy to question things, and their goodwill this time of year.

“We’re looking for things that are convenient, things that will make us feel good,” said Jones. “You really need to watch out for any convenient links that are sent you, those may not go to the sites you’re thinking. Even in the holiday season, there are fictitious sites set up to separate you from your money.”

Jones also discussed people coming door to door canvassing for donations.

“Often a good idea is you can listen to what they have to say if you think that charity fits what you’d like to support, say thank you very much and close the door. Then go and find that charity, go directly to them. Speak directly to the people working there and you can get a better idea of how you can support them,” said Jones.

To completely avoid online scams, Jones said you can’t beat shopping local.

For more information stop by the CPO building at Spirit Square.


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