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On Friday, Tolko announced that the indefinite closure of its mill in Kelowna is becoming permanent. The closure will put approximately 170 forestry workers out of a job.

The Kelowna closure serves as another hit to the struggling forestry sector that has seen numerous closures and curtailments this year.

Before the most recent closure, MLA Jackie Tegart joined Q101 to discuss the issues.

“We have held the government to account concerning the lack of action and lack of support for forestry workers that find themselves unemployed,” said Tegart. “Where are the training dollars, where are the support systems for the people in such an important industry that are struggling. What are the future plans?”

“There seems to be a lack of action and lack of commitment from government to help those communities and those people that are hurting so badly,” added Tegart.

MP Dan Albas has routinely mentioned that companies aren't leaving forestry, just forestry in BC for more viable markets, like the US.

Locally Tolko left Merritt in 2016, while this year operations like Aspen Planers have been hit hard by curtailments to stay viable.


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