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Yesterday, Merritt RCMP Members attended the scene of a male refusing to leave a commercial property.

“Merritt RCMP attended to a complaint at a local business of a male refusing to leave after staff requested that he do so. Police officers attended and the male once again refused the request from the staff to leave. The male was arrested for the criminal charge of mischief,” wrote Cpl. Derrick Francis.

A subsequent search of the male found drugs, drug paraphernalia, 22-caliber live ammunition and what appeared to be a homemade spring-operated window breaking device.

“Upon closer examination at the police detachment, it was found that the device was actually a homemade firearm. The pipe style firearm was loaded with a single 22-caliber round. This device can be easily concealed in a person’s hand and can be fired easily at close range,” added Francis.

The Detachment has sent the weapon out for testing and numerous firearms-related charges are being considered.


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