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Merrittonians have been voicing concern since some changes were made to the traffic pattern along Voght Street by the post office.

The City initially removed all the parking stalls in front, before switching course and installing a single handicap parking spot.

Recently, a concerned citizen, Craig Gray, spoke to Council about the idea of making a small section on Voght a one-way street.

“I called some communities about the same-size about the options of making Voght a one-way street from Nicola to Quilchena,” said Gray. “Putting the parking back and reducing the traffic.”

“It makes way more sense than adding a third lane of traffic that has already cost us one citizen and that’s one citizen to0 many,” added Gray.

Studies regarding the possibility of turning Voght into a one-way street were completed with the rest of the Voght Street corridor study in the early 2000s.

“It’s on the staff’s radar,” began Mayor Linda Brown. “They’re looking at the whole Voght Street corridor.”

The Mayor mentioned that City Hall has wanted to tackle the whole project and not piece-meal it out.


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