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It’s no secret that the RCMP in Merritt is on-call between 4 am and 7 am every morning. In fact, that very statement has been the focus of conversation around town.

Police Committee notes from September 18, 2018

  • Coverage currently not 24 hours only 7 am – 4 am
  • With existing manpower 24-hour coverage cannot be done
  • Cannot run with only 1 officer per labour code
  • Minimum of another 5 officers required for 24-hour coverage
  • Activity from 4-7 am does not warrant 24-7-365 police coverage

Mayor Linda Brown said she and the Council have heard the concern and are looking for solutions.

“The Police are well aware that it’s a priority of theirs as well. We’ve discussed that together,” said Brown. “The City has looked at providing two additional RCMP officers.”

The Mayor continued to mention that just having City Hall approving the new officers doesn’t mean it can happen overnight, citing a lengthy process from the RCMP side.

Budgeting for the additional officers is set to come up during the current 2020 budget deliberations.

“We have to absolutely consider it. That’s one thing that was approved by us. We have made that promise that two RCMP officers are what we’re looking at,” said Brown.

*Q101 has reached out to the Merritt RCMP and is working to arrange a conversation about the process of bringing the additional Mounties to town.


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