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It was one year ago this week that Mayor Linda Brown along with City Council was sworn in.

Brown ran on the slogan ‘Moving Towards Change’ and highlighted a few key areas during her campaign like flooding, fiscal responsibility and making it easier for businesses already here or looking to relocate to Merritt.

“I think I would grade myself and Council really well,” began Brown. “I think we’ve don’t a lot from when we started. We still have a whole more to go, but I think in what we’ve achieved in the past year we can pat ourselves on the back and say we’ve made some changes and movement for the better.”

Flood mitigation was a headline through Brown’s campaign. While City Hall did take a hit in that department by not be approved for a provincial grant, work has been progressing. In October, Council approved City Staff to apply for a $750,000 grant to help with the Voght Street corner project.

“I think it may have been a little bit naive on my part that I could come in and say we’re going to do this, and ‘boom’ it all gets done,” said Brown. “We had some of the plans in place but it’s not that simple.”

“It’s a huge issue, our watershed isn’t just the little old Nicola, it’s huge,” added Brown.

The Mayor wanted to make it easier for business coming to Merritt and after a year Brown is willing to put a check beside that goal.

“We’re not going to stop there. We want to enhance our business community, we still want to not only recruit new ones but retain our current industry and business,” added Brown.

During the summer the entire business licencing process in Merritt was reviewed and thoroughly reworked. The City has also joined three inter-community business licences allowing more flexibility for Merritt entrepreneurs.


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