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Dan Albas HOC

For the first time since October’s election, MP Dan Albas has returned to the nation’s capital. The entire Tory caucus was back in Ottawa reviewing the election during a lengthy meeting yesterday with Leader Andrew Scheer.

When Albas returns again to Ottawa when parliament resumes, he doesn’t plan on waiting long to bring forward private members' business.

“I’m sure the clerk in charge of private members business is probably tired of hearing from me. Yes, we have been actively engaging in those files,” said Albas.

Along with looking at new bills, Albas also had some legislation that wasn’t completed during the past parliament. The MP at bills relating to registered disability savings plans, as well as the looting during emergencies bill.

Albas mentioned that prior to parliament reconvening, there is a lottery to decide the order of private members' business.

“People will know I will be tabling those bills. I will be calling upon the Government to look at them because I don’t care who gets the credit, a good idea should go forward despite where it comes from,” said Albas. “This is how I like to work in Ottawa, proposing good ideas that I heard from my listening tours, ideas generated from my riding that can have a national impact and should be supported.”

Yesterday, Scheer called on the Prime Minister to call MPs back to Ottawa as soon as possible. However, it is still unclear exactly when Justin Trudeau will reconvene parliament.


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