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The KVR rails to trails project is beginning to move forward thanks to work done at the TNRD.

Area M Director David Laird spoke with Q101 about phase one of the project now being in the hands of the Province after it was approved by the TNRD board.

“It’s now going to the Provincial Government for tenure, to get ownership of the railway track,” said Laird. “The first section goes from near Norgaard to basically were the Lower Nicola Band Reserves land starts.”

The stretch of track is only about 1.5 kilometres, but Laird mentioned how securing tenure will be a learning exercise.

“The idea is we work our way through this first application and find out how you do it all and go from there,” added Laird.

It is expected that the tenure application will take anywhere from four to six months to complete at the provincial level.

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